Shepherd of Meditation
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Shepherd of Meditation
"I and the Father are one." 
(Jesus speaking, John 10:30)

We at Shepherd of the Sierra pray and practice meditation.  Meditation helps us to control the mind, to free the mind, by shifting the activity of the mind from thinking to awareness.  To be aware is to be in the present, the here and now, and to realize that God is.

Shepherd of the Sierra welcomes all those who labor and are heavy laden in this amazing, difficult and chaotic world to come and rest, and meditate with us.  Individual meditation is a wonder, but shared meditation may be the wonder of wonders.  Who knows the transforming power of oneness?

Come and worship with us on Sundays, attend a meditaiton class, or simply ponder what is written here and enter into meditation.  In the field while tending their flocks, shepherds gazed upon the stars.  One night they saw a new star amidst the constant and beautiful pattern of the cosmos.

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