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Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald Pop Tabs
Something Old
Since 2014 S.O.S. has been collecting aluminum pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House. We have our own little house in the entry to the Fellowship Center built by Carl Hentschke, where we bring our saved pop tabs. Whenever the house is full of tabs the Heckelman family takes them to the Sacramento Ronald McDonald House offices to be recycled.

Something New
For your convenience, on the third Sunday of the month there will be a basket and a photo of our house in the Worship Center Narthex for you to deposit your pop tabs. Yes, that’s the same Sunday that you bring your Dime-A-Day coins. Even if saving the pop tabs from your drinks seems like an insignificant little thing, together we can help a very worthy activity; making a comfortable place to stay for families with children needing hospital care.


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