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Shepherd of the Sierra
Presbyterian Church

5400 Barton Road, Loomis

Built by this community in November 2014
Dedicated on December 7, 2014

In loving memory of Ed Dillon
And for the glory of God

“If we really want to pray, we must first learn to listen;
for in the silence of the heart God speaks.”
— Mother Teresa
Walking a labyrinth can be:
a walking prayer
a way to connect to God
a place for meditation
a place to be alone or in community
a place to let go
a way to feel close to those we’ve lost
a metaphor for the journey of life
a healing place
a symbol for the spiritual journey 
Ideas for Walking the Path:
We tend to want to follow rules.  Yet, there is no right way to walk a labyrinth.  Each person comes with their unique set of circumstances and needs.  A labyrinth can simply be about walking, breathing, and listening.  Prayer can be as simple as that.
  1. An idea from Dan Johnston, PhD:  As you walk in toward the center, walk with palms down symbolizing letting go of worries, fears, stress, self-doubt, guilt or pain.  When you reach the center, palms up can symbolize receiving peace, wisdom and insight.  Encounter the presence of God.  As you walk toward the exit, palms can be placed together symbolizing thankfulness.
  2. From actor, Jeff Bridges:  “While going to the center, think about opening to what is there for you.  When you’re in the center, receive it – and then bring it out to the world on your return journey.”
  3. The labyrinth can be a metaphor for the journey of life.  Notice how the path takes you close to the center and then you move far from it.  Isn’t that how it is with God, where sometimes we feel close to God and sometimes far away?
  4. On the way to the center, talk with God about your hopes and concerns. Once there, offer praise and thanks for people in your life and those who have gone before you.  On the way out feel his presence and love as you depart. 
  5. We do not need to use words to pray.  Anything we give to God can be a prayer.  You can allow your steps and your breath to be a prayer and when you reach the middle, there can be surrender.
  6. Take your time; life can be so full of urgencies.  Let there be a contrast between your “regular” life and this moment. 
 May you and those you love find peace here . . .
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