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Narthex Art Display - America in Black Artist Statements
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Celeste Budd is a native New Yorker convert. She has lived and worked in California for the last 20 years. After retiring as a recreation supervisor, she harnessed her love of glass mosaics, tiling and stain glass into her small business entitled “Art by Celeste.” In addition, she offers workshops and classes in mosaics.

Celeste’s work has evolved from tiling her floors and walls, to doing small wall hangings using backer board, broken plates and glass, to glass-on-glass pictures and panels. She is inspired by nature, culture, shapes, and color.  In “America in the black” you can see examples of all the above. Celeste, the inspiration for this exhibit and co-curator, may be reached on 916-846-6742 or by email
Celeste Grey was born in Vallejo, California but spent most of her older years growing up in Sacramento. She began drawing at a pretty young age. She shares: The moment I decided to put down my Barbie dolls, I decided to start drawing. Drawing started as a fun thing I did. I would often read these comics about these teenage girls with superpowers and also watched plenty of cartoons. I would often try to redraw my favorite characters from these shows and books to the best of my ability. As I made my way through high school, I experimented with a lot of different art styles from MANGA to graffiti. But I was always drawn to human figures and also nature.  I would say a lot of my influence comes from being born and raised in a multicultural home. I would describe my family life as eclectic and the same could be said for the type of art I create. My father immigrated to the United States at age 9 and my mother was born and raised in a very rural, small town in North Carolina. They were from two different worlds but found each other in East Oakland, California.  I strongly believe that all these different facets of my family’s culture have shaped who I am creatively. I never want to limit myself to one type of style. I always want to continue to learn and try new things both in my creative ventures and also as I journey through life.

I chose the quilted patterns in the figures clothing for my work to high light the very eclectic life I live. It sort of brings this idea that different bits and pieces that come from larger parts (maybe even from different cultures) are coming together harmoniously to make something beautiful. And yet somehow each part of the quilt is still uniquely its own.  Contact Celeste by calling 916-847-7766 or emailing greygirlart@gmail.com


Todd H. Head brings a unique style of transformation from found objects.  He took a sheer textile, pulled it over a hubcap part and a barrel hoop adding a mixture of sand with glass glitter and crushed glass.

The vase was made with the same mixed sand, but different colors. “I was riding home on my bike and found a broken jar on the sidewalk, the top wasn't broken and it fit perfectly on my vase. The mood vase.”  Todd H. Head can be reached through e-mail on toddh.head@gmail.com


Dwight Head – “In my art I like to capture the beauty of mundane objects and places. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas. My inspiration comes from a lot of reading mystery novels. My mediums are color pencil and ink on paper.”  Dwight is curating the 4th and final “Record Show” this September at Sparrow Gallery in downtown Sacramento: 1021 R St, Ste. 120.   Twenty-five (25) artists use old vinyl records to create two pieces. They have a mix of artists, painters, collage artists, drawing all on vinyl records. Dwight Head may be reached by email dwighthead105@gmail.com or by calling 916-407-8635.
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