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What Can I Do?
Making a Financial Choice
Completing an estimate of giving card is an act of both conviction and confidence. Conviction is a measure of faith; confidence is a measure of belief that Shepherd can fulfill its role as the loving and humble representative of Christ on earth.  Conviction and confidence also combine to guide our individual financial responses, seeking as always to give generously because God has given us so much.
Giving is opportunity, not obligation. Giving is an expression of thanks and gratitude. Giving is the instrument of Shepherd’s spiritual vibrancy.  Giving is a community experience, because we all take part.  Giving is the ultimate barometer of progress in our individual walks of faith. 
We designate our financial decisions on estimate of giving cards, which are distributed by mail as part of the stewardship campaign. Cards are a crucial element because Session relies on these to develop a realistic budget. When cards are missing, even a few, calculating the budget requires some fill-in-the-gaps guesstimates, and the reliability of the final budget suffers.  Turning in an estimate of giving card is itself an act of faith and good will.
You can use the accompanying chart (available by clicking on the indicated button) to assist you in making a financial decision.  Recall God’s measure that we call tithing, and think about advancing toward that goal, or beyond.   Progressing upward in your financial response is moving toward a deepening spiritual bond with God.

Weekly Income Chart
Click here to view weekly income and contribution chart.
And as You Contemplate…
Perhaps it's time to stretch your support by moving up a notch on this giving ladder.  See where you are now (the intersection of your weekly income and your present giving level), then consider extending your giving by moving up to the block immediately left of where you are now.  Example: weekly income is $500 and giving level is 6%, or $30 per week; moving one block left would put the giver at 7% or $35 per week.

What Can I Do?

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