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Stewardship Goals
What’s Our Vision for Shepherd of the Sierra?
That we humbly yet confidently extend hands, hearts and voice to make Christ’s presence known to our own community of faith as well as those looking for a welcoming spiritual home.  We do that by:
  • Pronouncing Christ’s message of love and forgiveness
  • Participating eagerly and thankfully in worship, education, fellowship, and prayer 
  • Reaching out to those with needs—the hungry, the needy, and the searchers
  • Contributing gratefully of our financial resources, our time and our capabilities
As a missional church, Shepherd supports a wide array of programs and people, ranging from The Gathering Inn, where we welcome the homeless for overnight respite and an excellent dinner, to the youth mission trip to South Dakota in 2018, to a work week at Gleanings for the Hungry, to financial support of a missionary couples in Nicaragua and Africa, to our local mission partners, and to a range of reaching out efforts at Christmas time.

Financial giving is never an end to be satisfied for its own sake, rather a means to a much more profound goal, the support of a church that brings Christ’s message to life.  Shepherd intends to live the message, not just talk it; then we become a true spiritual beacon to the community.
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