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Nicaragua 2017

July 27 - Day Four in Buena Vista

Our day started off relatively slow. We had breakfast and some team members were able to wake early and make tortillas with their host families. It was such a neat and time-consuming process to be a part of. From grinding fresh corn, to rolling it out, pressing it into perfectly round tortillas and finally to cook it in a clay bowl over an open fire. It was truly an art form.

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July 26 - Day Three in Buena Vista

Breakfast at 7am this morning and ready for a busy day.

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July 25 - Day Two in Buena Vista

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July 24 - First Day in Buena Vista

Today was a big day; a long day. This morning we began our travel to the village where we will be doing a large portion of our work. We packed up the bus, loading all those huge bags again. Hopefully for the last time. We drove about an hour to Jinotepe where we were to have lunch and buy some rubber boots for working in the fields. The drive was beautiful, weaving through small villages and tropical landscaping. It was very green the whole way and there were times we could see for miles across valleys. Many pineapple farms dotted the landscape as well.

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July 23 - First day at CEPAD

Day two started about 7am with breakfast. Fried eggs, a hard and salty cheese, toast, beans and rice. We left CEPAD shortly after breakfast and went to the local church (Verbo). Well attended with probably 200 people it was very full. 

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July 22nd - A Day of Travel

It’s dark still. The stars are out. It’s calm and peaceful. There are 10 of us standing in the parking lot; we’re all here. The driver finishes smooshing our bags into the van. We hold hands and pray. The driver and two spouses join us. We arrived at the airport about 6:15. It’s lighter now, but still early. I’m wondering if my house is yet up. Check-in takes forever with so many people and so many bags to tag and check. Thankfully all just squeeze in under the 50lb limit.

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Prayer Calander

Click here to download the prayer calendar. 

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Nicaragua Team

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