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30 Day Climate Care Challenge - FEEDBACK RECEIVED
Have you heard or read about saltwater batteries? They provide an inexpensive &  very clean method for running cars or larger vehicles. Those working on it have not really been able to get much funding, because it is a basic chemical research (nothing much in it for Big Business) & solar grabbed the media's attention, so saltwater was largely overlooked - but there are folks working on it. It's waste product is water - steam. Can't get much cleaner than that. And it's much, much safer than lithium batteries, which have been known to explode suddenly in vehicles, totally destroying the car & whoever's in is so fast that there's no chance of rescue. 
Hand water pots and flower beds either early in the morning or later in the evening.  Moisture absorption is better than during the heat of the day.
I reuse my napkins until they are pretty well-used, as they are paper, and even use the used ones to clean up after the cats, as needed, to save using paper towels. I cannot switch to cloth, as I cannot afford to pay the laundry room machines for more than 1-2 loads/week.

I use two small fans & open patio door & only window for fresh air & to keep use of a/c down to a minimum. I have recycled for many years, and am not replacing things like clothing until what I have is worn out too much to wear in public.

I am a Life Member of the National Wildlife Federation (for over 40 years now) & support The Nature Conservancy (the CA branch created the Consumnes River Preserve, which I think I indirectly helped get started by doing a nature-photo project for an architectural student of that area over a 3-day period. Used Twin Rivers Road & Thornton Road for the project & that's where the Preserve was established about 3-5 years later. (I had recommended to the student, when she asked what to do with them when she didn't need them anymore, to give them to the CA Nature Conservancy, & I guess she did - God bless her!) I don't use the 'local' nature trails much anymore, due to the cost of gas, but I do enjoy the birding photos my online Sacramento Birders Group take along such trails - including the Consumnes River Preserve - one of my favorite spots.
A Native American friend once told me that her people looked at water as a most precious resource and gift. Since then I have always treated water as a scarce and sacred gift. Living in California has helped me to realize that even more.
I celebrated Earth Day by walking around the neighborhood and local park and picking u trash to throw away. 
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