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Prayer Portal
- Prayer Vigil -
a period of time when a person or group quietly waits, prays.
Dear Shepherd Family,
In these unprecedented times we are asking all who would like to participate to join us in a virtual prayer vigil. This Prayer Portal will be a space where people can find prayers to share.

I thank all of you for your faithful practice of prayer in these days. There are many who we know and many others who we do not know that are deeply affected by the COVID-19 virus. Your prayers give them support in an uncertain time. I am deeply grateful for all that you are doing. ~Pastor Dave
Prayer written by Jill Duffield

Lord, we come to this time of prayer with old wounds and new hopes. We come to you bringing new anxieties and old dreams, yearning for new creation and your vision. We look to you for guidance, for solace, for challenge and for stamina. The paths we travel in this time feel treacherous and daunting. We want to know where you would have us go and how we can find Jesus’ way no matter where you send us. We need to know your near presence.
God of beginnings and endings, as the summer heat deepens and the pandemic continues, we ask for your wisdom. Do not let us give in to our fears, but instead inspire us with your Spirit. Show us the new things you are right now doing so that we can participate in them. In all the upheaval and pain, the loss and uncertainty, help us to see the places where this chaos is opening space for a better way of life together. Grant us the courage to not only see the cracks in the structures of our society, but the faith to repair them so as to build better communities for all your children.
God of grace and mercy, we know that with your power mustard-sized seeds give way to majestic, nurturing trees and unseen leaven produces more than enough bread to feed the world. We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit. May our faith in you lead us to act in ways that make your relationship with us evident and our discipleship transformative for others.
Confident that the Spirit intercedes for us in our weakness, we ask you to guide those in leadership positions making difficult decisions that will impact our children and parents, our neighbors and friends, our schools and communities. Give humility and insight to those in power. Give voice and strength to those who speak truth to power. Give relief and support to those with no power.
We know, Lord of all, that nothing can separate us from your love, that through you all things are possible, that your grace is sufficient and that your will for abundant life cannot be thwarted. We praise you for these gifts and pray that our lives will reflect their truth. Amen


Gracious God,

Shower us with your peace and fill us with your imagination, that we may discover new ways to love and worship you and love and serve one another. Turn our anxiety into wonder. And for those directly affected by the virus and those who attend to them, continue to hold them in your loving care. We ask in your holy name.
For those who rely on community centers that are forced to close. For the staff and volunteers who have had to make difficult choices. For addicts struggling without daily meetings. For those who do not understand how to access resources. For parents, teachers and students discovering new ways to facilitate learning. And that we may remember that grace and hope and beauty still abound!
That this time of trouble may deeply link us to our brothers and sisters around the world who live in fear and experience war, illness and hardship and chaos most of the time.
Help us to get through this and learn whatever lessons that this uncertainty can teach us. Help us to continue to take care of the vulnerable and hurting. May we listen with open hearts as you guide us and sustain us.
God, help us be your kindness and aid with our neighbors, families and friends, especially those who are alone. Help us be creative in our love for others. Move us outside of our usual thinking into a wider compassion for everyone near and far. Keep fear as a distant cousin and kindness as our nearest friend.
Loving and beloved God, I pray today with and for those for whom this virus is more than an inconvenience. May your love surround all who mourn, especially those who are grieving the loss of a loved one to COVID-19. May your strength be with all who are sick and all who tend to them, remembering especially the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and those working the front lines. May your compassion be made known to those impeded by poverty, praying especially for those on whom social distancing is difficult because they live in shelters or rely on meal programs, and those in countries where the cost of medical care is a barrier or hardship. May your serenity be with all who are struggling, especially those living with mental health issues or addictions who rely on connection with groups that aren’t meeting. And may your peace which surpasses all understanding be with us all as we care for ourselves and your world.
Keep us mindful that we exist in the Divine Presence. Out of this sobering threat turn our attention to You. From this tribal wilderness bring us home to each other. In our fearful places reveal Your love. Bless all creation with Your grace.


Dear God, 

Give us the will to protect the most vulnerable even when our personal risk is low. 

Give us patience to deal with a life without all our luxuries. 

Help us share and not hoard supplies. 

Give our healthcare providers guidance during ever-changing recommendations. 

Help all the kids who rely on school meals to find other sources. 

Help all hourly workers have enough. 

Help all the grandparents who will now be caretakers of kids while trying to protect themselves. 

Give comfort to those in nursing homes who have no visitors. 

Help us to remember that in life and in death, we belong to You and that nothing can separate us from your love.

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